At Paradise Pawfection Pet Salon most dogs are only here for half a day except for larger breeds. We do not rush dogs through the grooming process, that is why we have multiple drop-off times. Dogs that are dropped off are normally ready to go home within 3-4 hours.

  • Q.How often should I get my dog groomed?

    A.You should get you dog groomed every six to eight weeks. It all depends on the kind of dog and the kind of coat it has.

  • Q.Can I come in the grooming room with my dog during the grooming process?

    A.No, I am sorry you cannot come into the grooming room while your dog is getting groom because it may cause your dog to act up and make it harder to groom.

  • Q.How much does it cost to groom my dog?

    A.It usually depends on the dog size, coat condition and the temperament of the dog as well as the style of the cut. You can see our prices here:

  • Q.Can you brush out my dog if it is severally matted?

    A.If your dog is really matted, we will not brush out your dog because it could hurt the dog by giving them brush burn and cause unnecessary stress for your pet. It is much easier on the dog to shave it down and start over brand new the next time you dog is groomed.

  • Q.How old should my puppy be, before he/she gets groomed?

    A.Your puppy should be at least four months old before it gets its first groom. Puppies need to have all its needles when around new dogs so that it won’t contract diseases.

  • Q.How did my dog get fleas?

    A.Your dog can pick up fleas from a variety of places, most likely from being outside and from other dogs or cats.

  • Q.Do nail trims hurt my dog?

    A.Nail trims do not hurt your dog, but if you trim off to much of the nail you could cut the quick which could hurt you dog.

  • Q.Will bathing my dog help get the mats out?

    A.No, bathing your dog does not help get mats out, it only make them tighter and harder to get out.

  • Q.Does my dog required vaccinations?

    A.All dogs we groom are required to have vaccinations for the protection of not only your pets but also our staff and other dogs in the salon.

  • Q.What type of payment do you accept?

    A.We only accept Cash, Checks, Master Card, American Express & Visa at this time.

  • Q.What if my dog does not like other dogs?

    A.We can still groom your dog but we will make a special booking so that your dog is the only one in the salon. Special bookings will be charged extra.

  • Q.Does my dog have to go in a cage?

    A.No, we have an open concept salon but we will cage aggressive, unneutered dogs and if the owner requests to have their dog kennelled.

  • Q.How long have you been grooming?

    A.Barbara has been grooming for over 14 years.

  • Q.What if my dog is very nervous?

    A.If she/he is nervous around other dogs please let us know so we can make a special booking so that your dog is the only one in the salon at that time. Special bookings will be charged extra. I am more than willing to take your pets special needs into consideration.

  • Q.Do you groom cats?

    A.Yes, we do groom cats. But we book cat appointments later in the evening of the day so that there are no dogs around to disturb your cat.

  • Q.Does my dog need an appointment for nail trims?

    A.No, not for nail trims but we do request that you bring your dog in later in the day during business hours.

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